During the eight week clerkship, students spend three weeks at Mount Sinai Health System and three weeks at Elmhurst Hospital Center. An additional two weeks is spent at Mount Sinai, Elmhurst, or one of Mount Sinai's affiliated institutions gaining exposure to a subspecialty of the student's choice (please note that the Clerkship Program makes every possible effort to match students to the subspecialty of their choice, but this cannot be guaranteed.) The following will be your site schedule depending on which POD you are assigned to.


Week Pod 1 Pod 2
1 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai Anesthesia/ Elective
2 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai
3 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai
4 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai
5 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai Exposure
6 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai Exposure
7 Exposure Mount Sinai/Elmhurst
8 Exposure Mount Sinai/Elmhurst
9 Anesthesia/ Elective Mount Sinai/Elmhurst
10 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai
11 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai
12 Elmhurst/Mount Sinai


Monday Lecture / Case Discussions

Every Monday afternoon, you will have lectures or case discussions with the Clerkship Director. These sessions take priority over any clinical activity. Lectures start at 1 P.M., and case presentations start at 2 P.M.


Week Pod 1 Pod 2
1 Orientation  
2 Presentations/ knot tying (1) / errors session (1)
3 Presentations
4 Presentations
5 Review Orientation
6 Attending Lecture Knot tying (2) / errors session (2)
7 Attending Lecture  
8 Attending Lecture / Ethics (1)  
9   Presentations
10 Presentations
11 Presentations