Financial Resources

Students are encouraged to explore the possibility of financial assistance from local charitable organizations or foundations in their home areas, such as religious organizations, labor unions, service organizations or philanthropic groups.

Student Fellowships
A limited number of student research fellowships are available each summer. These are handled by the Medical Student Research Office. Much of the funding for these fellowships comes in the form of Work-Study grants, but there are limited private sources as well.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai discourages full-time students from seeking employment during the academic year, as such employment may interfere with academic performance – particularly in the MD, MSBS, and MGC programs. Part-time positions may become available throughout the year for students such as clerks, laboratory technicians, and members of an IV team. This information is distributed to students when available.

College Work/Study Program
The Icahn School of Medicine participates in the federally sponsored Work/Study Program. Students who are eligible under this program, as determined by a need analysis of their application for financial assistance, and under criteria established by the federal government, will have the opportunity to explore and arrange summer employment in areas of research interest within the medical center. Limited opportunities for such employment may also become available during the academic year. In the event that requests for employment exceed available funds, preference will be given to those students with greatest documented financial need. Eligibility for summer employment (beginning July 1) is based upon financial aid applications filed for the following academic year. Early filing, therefore, is recommended.

Scholarships Fellowships and Loans
Through generous gifts from many friends and Trustees of the School is able to make financial aid available in the form of scholarships and institutional loans to those students who qualify. These gifts help the School, as well as needy students, because they provide the opportunity to attract excellent students who might otherwise be unable to finance their education. Unless so stipulated by the terms of a restricted fund, academic standing alone shall not determine the recipient of a scholarship fund. These funds are awarded through the Icahn School of Medicine Office of Student Financial Aid.

In addition to scholarships awarded directly by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, there are a number of outside organizations that provide scholarship/grant opportunities to students.  Icahn School of Medicine is not directly associated with any of these organizations, but we provide students with this information as a resource to you should you wish to pursue additional funding for your studies.  In addition to the scholarships listed in this External Scholarship Opportunities PDF below there is also information provided regarding scholarship search engines that you may want to utilize in identifying specific scholarship opportunities.

View External Scholarship Opportunities [PDF]

Federal Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan Program
Icahn School of Medicine is a Direct Lending Institution. The maximum amount of subsidized loan varies for each program. Consult the Director of Financial Aid for specific information. Unless otherwise informed, the Financial Aid Office will create a financial aid package for each applicant inclusive of the full Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loan amount that each applicant qualifies for.

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