Community Service Committee

The community service reps are divided into two units. The reps will be responsible for meeting all together throughout the year to maintain communication about community service projects and to set/review goals for each semester. 

First- and second-year medical student reps (two-year position, elected in fall of first year)

Representatives will work together with Ann-Gel Palermo, Associate Director of Operations in the Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs, and leaders of student groups to coordinate the Community Service Coalition (CSC). The purpose of the CSC is to strengthen the role of community service in student activities, and to establish/maintain ties with East Harlem organizations that work with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai community service groups. Responsibilities for coordinating the CSC will be shared equally between first and second year reps, but the second year rep will also be responsible for mentoring first year rep in the role of CSC coordinator. 

Third- and fourth-year reps, graduate school rep (one-year position, elected spring of preceding year)

Representatives will have two roles:

  1. Disseminate information to the student body about community service opportunities available throughout NYC (this will be done via the Community Service Wiki and monthly Community Service newsletter, which representatives will regularly update (Wiki) or email to the student body (newsletter)).

  2. Plan and publicize one to two school-wide community service "events" EACH per semester (for a total of two to four school-wide community service events each semester). Examples of this include the New York Cares Winter Coat Drive, Meals on Wheels volunteer day, volunteering in Central Park, organizing a group for New York Cares Day, etc.

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