Education Technology/Library Committee 

For the library representatives, the primary role is to act as liaisons between the library and the student body. They ensure that the student voice is heard in library issues and that the library understands the needs of the students (and vice versa). Specific responsibilities include: attending meetings with the library director and support staff; regular surveying of students regarding potential changes to the library; regular visits to the library and testing of library services; and a general sense of student satisfaction with library services. They also stay on-board with major projects and events that involve the library, including renovations (throughout Annenberg), computer updates (software and hardware), and board exam study, and ultimately ensure that user-friendly study space is always available for our students’ needs. 

More recently, they have taken up responsibility for wireless and internet access in general. This service is run through the library’s Media Resource Center. Communication is extremely important when it comes to the library and bookstore, and thus we approach any issue that could potentially involve either in a timely manner. 

The committee will now have a more focused education technology component and be chaired by Dr. Rainier Soriano, Education Technology Director. This includes a focus on the new Blackboard course management system, lecture capture, podcasts, online exams, and technology in classrooms and lecture halls as a whole.

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