Health/Wellness Committee 

The Student Council Health & Wellness Committee consists of one representative from each MD class and one representative from the graduate school student body. The purpose of this committee is to facilitate and support student wellness and health. In support of this goal, the committee will facilitate interactions between the student body, the wellness committee, the administration, hospital staff and the student health center. The committee will also play a central role in the Preventative Medicine Task Force, working closely with Dean David Muller and the wellness committee to spearhead hospital-wide preventative health measures. 

Maintaining collaborations is central for this position. One designated Health & Wellness Representative will attend the monthly meeting between the Wellness Committee and the school faculty, and will represent concerns raised by the student body about student wellness. The Health & Wellness Representative will also arrange frequent meetings with the Student Health Center faculty, to address any student body concerns regarding the health center, such as insurance, hours, or confidentiality. 

Throughout the year, the representatives will solicit feedback from their respective constituencies, prioritize issues raised, and will develop an action plan to specifically address these issues. Representatives will also maintain open communication with the student body, both to describe issues being addressed and to identify new areas of concern. 

The first year health rep is responsible for putting together a summary report of the student health portion of the annual school evaluations. This allows the newest person to get a better sense of students’ concerns and important issues from the previous years. 

Examples of past activities include: improving confidentiality and hours at the Student Health Center, coordinating with Student Health to ensure appropriate travel health advising for Medical Students Making Impacts’s international medical missions, broadening mental health options for students, advocating for student dental health coverage, maintaining a student health website, and working with the hospital staff to reduce the incidence of student needle sticks. Recently, the committee created a composite list of student-recommended health professionals and specialists.

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