Diagnostic Evaluations

ADRC offers two services which provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment of memory loss and psychiatric conditions.

The Memory and Aging Center (MAC)

The MAC provides comprehensive, streamlined evaluation and diagnosis for those with memory complaints.

At MAC, evaluation is quick, simple, and completed in one visit. Assessment includes meeting with a geriatric memory specialist, neuropsychological testing, and neuroimaging. The service will be managed by the same clinician each time, and individuals may choose to have yearly follow-up visits or have their assessment sent to their primary physicians.

This service also provides interested patients with a gateway to clinical research opportunities, including clinical trials.Call our coordinator at (212) 241-1844 for more information.

The Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic

The Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of psychiatric conditions and memory disorders. Patients and their families are seen by a team which includes residents and postdoctoral fellows under the supervision of Mount Sinai’s full-time faculty of specialists. An evaluation—including family feedback—may take up to four sessions, with assessments typically made by a geriatric psychiatrist, neurologist, nurse practitioner, and social worker. Patients and their families may elect to receive ongoing care with the clinic, or have their evaluation report sent to their primary physician. Clinical research opportunities are also available to interested patients.

The clinic accepts traditional Medicare, Medicaid, and 1199 insurance. The clinic is not able to accept HMO Medicare, such as Oxford Medicare Advantage.

Contact our coordinator Julia Diaz at (212) 241-9382 if you would like to arrange for an appointment.

Which Service Is Right for Me?

If you are not sure which service suits your needs or those of a family member, contact our coordinator at (212) 241-1844.

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