Since its inception, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has fostered community partnerships to optimize the care of vulnerable populations. Faculty members have benefited from collaborations with underserved, often hard-to-reach populations as well as the front line clinicians that care for them, in terms of faculty members’ efforts to recruit diverse populations for research, develop research partnerships and ensure that community expertise, experiences and priorities inform their work.

In partnering with investigators, members of the community have benefited from greater access to medical resources, educational programs, technical assistance with program development and evaluation, and obtaining funding and collaborators to implement their research and project ideas. The Centers for Community and Academic Research Partnerships (CCARP) at Mount Sinai facilitates the formation and transformation of these partnerships so that they become the catalyst for groundbreaking research that uncovers and addresses important social, environmental, and health problems; builds skills among academic and stakeholders; and improves health of communities.

CCARP connects Faculty and diverse stakeholders so that the values and cultures of stakeholders are respected throughout the research process.  CCARP creates a unique environment where all stakeholders learn from one another and address issues affecting the well-being of communities. CCARP builds and supports stakeholder/academic research partnerships, and develops skills and infrastructure to conduct high-quality community–engaged research. Seasoned experts offer one-on-one support and initial consultations to identify novel research questions. In addition, they can provide and initial consult on grant proposal development, research design, as well as how to best implement effective recruitment and retention strategies. CCARP can further assist on how to evaluate, communicate and disseminate research outcomes to improve health, systems of care, policies and local environments.

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Last Update: February 4, 2016

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