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Education Leadership Conference

One of the largest events sponsored by the Institute for Medical Education, the Education Leadership Conference is an annual faculty development retreat held every June that provides a forum for education leaders to address the most challenging aspects of their roles and exchange ideas with their colleagues.

Invited participants include course directors, clerkship directors, deans and other educational leaders at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and its affiliate institutions, as well as education deans from the various regional medical schools.

The goals of the Education Leadership Conference are to:

  1. Enhance communication among those who play key instructional roles in the undergraduate and graduate programs at Mount Sinai
  2. Invigorate our educational leaders, colleagues and resources
  3. Introduce new topics and ideas in medical education

Some of the subject themes in the past have centered on evaluation strategies, developing scholarship, curriculum reform, concept mapping, teaching skills, negotiation and conflict resolution and solutions to key challenges.

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