eMERGE Genomic Medicine Pilot Project

The initial focus of this pilot project will be to understand processes and impact of implementing a screening and decision support system for risk of non-diabetic kidney disease in non-diabetic African Ancestry patients with hypertension and/or family history of renal dialysis/transplantation, based on allele carrier status for G1 and G2 risk alleles of the APOL1 locus on chromosome 22. For the eMERGE Genomic Medicine Pilot Project, we will use the existing BioMe Biobank research infrastructure to identify and enroll subjects. Genotyping for consented patients will be performed in the Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory, a New York State approved, CLIA-certified facility. APOL1 gene-based risk information will be incorporated in clinical decision support to reduce kidney disease in African ancestry patients with hypertension by using CLIPMERGE Platform CDS.