BioMe Platform

Funded by The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine, the BioMe Biobank Platform is an ongoing, prospective, hospital-based population research study that has enrolled over 30,000 participants as of April 2014 and currently enrolls, on average, 600 new participants per mont Today, BioMe is a prototype example of an EMR-linked Biobank that integrates a patient’s clinical care information and research data, as envisioned in the recently published National Research Council Report ‘Towards Precision Medicine.’ The goal for BioMe is to enroll 100,000 participants.

The BioMe Biobank Program is annually reviewed and approved by the Mount Sinai Institutional Review Board (Program for the Protection of Human Subjects).

At the heart of the BioMe Biobank Platform is the BioMe Biobank, a large collection of DNA and plasma samples and large-scale genomic data that are stored in a way that protects patients' privacy while allowing research to be performed on de-identified clinical information from Mount Sinai's data warehouse system.

The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (MSDW) contains a wealth of data, including all data in the Epic EMR (electronic medical records), supporting high-throughput phenotyping of diseases and medically relevant traits. Using existing electronic clinical information in the MSDW, the time, effort, and cost involved in conducting genomic, biomarker, and pharmacogenomics studies can be dramatically reduced.