How it Works

CLIPMERGE utilizes an advanced information management system developed by the Institute for Personalized Medicine, that is external to, but communicates with, Epic EHR - and takes advantage of decision support capabilities executable at the point-of-care. CLIPMERGE decision support rules are based on actionable variants distilled from each patient’s genotype data and combined with relevant phenotypic data in our CLIPMERGE database. The CLIPMERGE database includes longitudinal clinical data extracted from Mount Sinai’s Epic EMR and ancillary systems, for all consented patients. The CLIPMERGE Risk Assessment Engine (CRAE) includes this database and a rules engine that relates actionable genotype-phenotype pairs to genome-based advice messages. If predefined rules are met, customized decision support is delivered in near ‘real-time’. Decision support messages consist of a short text segment, a link to our reference knowledge database server (reference material for providers) and an Epic SmartSet (order set) if appropriate.

Below is a mockup CLIPMERGE Best Practice Alert (BPA) and SmartSet: