Mount Sinai Innovation in Devices, Diagnostics and Clinical Trials - SINAInnovations 2012 Conference

November 20, 2012
SINAInnovations 2012 Panel Discussion: Mount Sinai Innovation in Devices, Diagnostics & Clinical Trials Moderators: Yasmin Hurd with MSTP Student Patrick Maffucci Panelists: Michael Marin, MSSM; Eric Genden, MSSM; Erwin Bottinger, MSSM; Philip Landrigan, MSSM; Carlos Cordon-Cardo, MSSM; Michael Parides, MSSM Melinda Thomas, NYC Tech Connect About SINAInnovations: SINAInnovations was a three-day conference at The Mount Sinai Medical Center that examined all aspects of innovation and therapeutic discovery within academic medical centers, from how it can be taught and fostered within academia, to how it can accelerate drug discovery and the commercialization of emerging biotechnologies.