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BioMe™ Biobank Program Taking Control of Your Health

Taking Control of Your Health

You are a unique individual. Why shouldn’t your medical care be unique, too? BioMe™ Biobank is an ongoing collection of blood samples, genetic data and health information to be used for present and future research projects. Using genetic information obtained from de-identified blood samples, along with health information, scientists can gain a better understanding of the factors that cause disease. This understanding may then lead to interventions that prevent a disease from occurring or to new targets for treating a disease.

“I strongly encourage all of my patients to enroll in the BioMe™ Biobank. A study such as the BioMe™ Biobank allows clinical data to be linked with data derived from DNA and plasma with the ultimate goal of allowing researchers to have a better understanding of a wide variety of disease conditions. I find my patients are incredibly enthusiastic to join such a large study with extraordinary potential to impact lives.”
-Aimee Lucas, MD; Assistant Professor; Division of Gastroenterology; Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“I feel a sense of pride and responsibility when it comes to my health and the health of my children. Signing up for BioMe™ makes me feel like I am doing my part. If my contribution helps even one patient in the future, I know I’ve made a huge difference in someone’s life. Every patient should sign up. It’s easy, important, and eye-opening to the possibilities of what can be done.”
-De-identified BioMe™ Participant

For more information, contact BioMebiobank@mssm.edu.