Network usage (HR #13.6)

The Icahn School of Medicine expects that all persons who make any use of school computing hardware, software, networking services, or any property related or ancillary to the use of these facilities, will abide by the following policy statement:

School information technology resources are provided in the hope that the whole school community will use them in a spirit of mutual cooperation. Resources are limited and must be shared. Everyone will benefit if all computer users avoid any activities which cause problems for others who use the same systems.

All hardware, software, and related services supplied by the school are for the sole purpose of supplementing and reinforcing the school's goals as set forth in the student and faculty handbooks and other mission statements of the school. See the Student Handbook and the Faculty Handbook. It is a specific violation to give account passwords to individuals who are not the owners of such accounts, or to obtain passwords to, or use of accounts other than one's own.

We expect that no one will use hardware, software or services without authorization to do so. Copying software is a violation of federal copyright law. Individuals may not extend their use of the facilities described above for any purpose beyond their intended use, or beyond those activities sanctioned in school policy statements. In particular, no one may use them:

  • for personal profit or gain,
  • to harass, threaten, or otherwise invade the privacy of others,
  • to initiate or forward e-mail chain letters,
  • to cause breaches of computer, network or telecommunications security systems,
  • to initiate activities which unduly consume computing or network resources.
  • to transmit sensitive or proprietary information to unathorized persons or parties.

Individuals who violate the aims of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or to referral to law enforcement authorities without prior notifcation to those who have sent or recieved such messages. Academic Computing personnel are authorized to monitor suspected violations and to examine items stored on any school storage medium by individuals suspected of violating this policy.

By clicking "Accept" on the registration page you signify that you have read and will abide by the terms of the Icahn School of Medicine Network Usage Policy. You must accept this policy to use the network.

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