Building on Mount Sinai's historical leadership in the study and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, The Division of Gastroenterology emphasizes translational research that works toward narrowing the gap between bench science and patient care. Mucosal immunology, genetics of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), and links between IBD and colon cancer are among the major areas currently being investigated by division researchers.

The cause and cure of inflammatory bowel diseases are prominent foci of research at Mount Sinai. Prevention and early diagnosis of colorectal cancers are also targeted areas. This includes identifying the risk factors for developing colon cancer in patients with IBD and developing new non-invasive diagnostic tools for colorectal cancers. Researchers in the division are also investigating disparities in colon cancer screening among different racial groups and the relationship between inflammation and colon cancer. Other areas of study include irritable bowel syndrome, women’s digestive health, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and alcoholism induced liver damage.

Research Labs

The Gastroenterology research laboratories are below