Courses and Conferences

Within this training program, we require fellows to attend and complete a formal, graduate-level course in medical genetics each year. The lectures cover basic scientific underpinnings of genetic disease, clinical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and biochemical genetics. In addition, instruction on the genetics of cancer, immunology, developmental and neurological disorders, and population and statistical genetics help round out the fellows’ formal education in the basic genetic sciences.

Fellows attend the departmental Journal Club, which meets bi-weekly. Additionally, once a month each lab presents an individual Journal Club covering material that related to those respective specialties.

Throughout their training, fellows are expected to attend the weekly departmental seminar presenting original research in the basic biomedical sciences.

During the weekly clinical case conference, reports on interesting patients and reviews of diagnostic tests as they pertain to Medical Genetics in the basic science and clinical literature are presented. Fellows also are scheduled to observe genetic counseling sessions.

Mandatory Courses and Conferences
Medical Genetics Course
Metabolic Didactic
Clinical Case Conference
Clinical Journal Club
Departmental Seminar Series

Recommended Courses and Conferences
Genetics and Genomic Sciences Work in Progress, Research Seminar
Genomics of Common Diseases Seminar
Special Topics in Cytogenetics
Cancer Genetics Journal Club
Advanced topics in pharmacogenomics
Seminar in Genetics & Genomic Sciences
Genetics & Genomic Sciences Core III
Advance Human Genetics

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