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Genomics Core Facility Microarrays Sample Submission Guidelines

Sample Submission Guidelines

DNA samples for Genotyping:

  • All DNA should be normalized to 75ng/ul if using the Nanodrop (or 50ng/ul if using fluorescence/picogreen) in TE (10mM Tris, 1mM EDTA) or DNase/RNase-Free water.
  • The minimum volume should be 15μl.
  • If 260/280 ratio is lower than 1.7, the DNA should be purified to remove protein contamination.
  • Plate DNA into a 96 well 0.2ml, V bottom, skirted plate (Fisher #AB-0800, USA Scientific #1402-9800, or World Wide Medical Products # 41081006) in columns (A1, B1, C1, D1,…). Label the plate with specific Plate ID.
  • Fill out the sample submission form, please include a fund number.
  • Seal the plate with an adhesive foil seal which can withstand being on dry ice or in -80 degrees (Beckman Coulter #BK538619). Make sure the seal is secure by pressing down on each individual well with your finger.

For shipping samples:

  • Wrap plates in paper towels or bench pads individually, freeze the sealed plates in the -20 degree overnight. Stack multiple plates with extra padding between the plates so that the wells of one plate do not puncture the seal of another.
  • Ship DNA on dry ice. Make sure there is ample dry ice to keep the DNA frozen during the shipment. Place the DNA plates in a water tight bag.