At Mount Sinai, our research and clinical teams are tightly integrated to enable rapid translation of research insights into improved patient diagnosis and treatment.  We are committed to precision medicine; tailoring medical treatments to the individual characteristics of each patient. This is done by classifying patients into subpopulations based on their susceptibility to a particular disease or response to a particular treatment, and targeting care accordingly.

Genetic Testing Lab

We're creating new and improved clinical tests using state-of-the-art technology and by developing innovative sample prep protocols and bioinformatic techniques.

We are the only lab in NY State to offer a new 30 gene diagnostic test for autism. We're developing expanded gene panels, including tri-nucleotide repeat disorders such as SCA and Fragile X.  We're creating new tests for Noonan syndrome (and related disorders), limb defects, and microcephaly. Learn more

Medical Genetics Faculty Practice

Medical geneticists and genetic counselors in the Medical Genetics Faculty Practice at Mount Sinai Health System specialize in the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of patients with and individuals suspected of having genetic diseases, birth defects, reproductive problems, or cancer risks. Learn more

Clinical Trials in Genetics

Please visit our clinical trials section to view a list of our current trials. Learn more