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Resources Genomics Core Facility Pricing


Pricing for sequencing and microarray services is current as of March 2014. The costs outlined below are for Icahn School of Medicine investigators or associated laboratories. Non-profit institutions are encouraged to submit samples for processing.

We do extend our services to external academic, nonprofit and commercial institutions. For details please contact milind.mahajan@mssm.edu

Next Generation Sequencing Prices

Illumina Instrument Length Read Type Price Per Lane
HiSeq 2500 50nt (1) Single Read $1260
HiSeq 2500 50nt (1) Paired End $2000
HiSeq 2500 100nt Single Read $1850
HiSeq 2500 100nt Paired End $2800
HiSeq 2500_Rapid Run Mode (2) 100nt Single Read $2200
HiSeq 2500_Rapid Run Mode (2) 100nt Paired End $3625
HiSeq 2500_Rapid Run Mode (2) 150nt Paired End $4200
MiSeq 50nt v.2 Single Read $1240
MiSeq 150nt v.2 Paired End $1640
MiSeq 250nt v.2 Paired End $1920
MiSeq 75nt v.3 Paired End $1550
MiSeq 300nt v.3 Paired End $2400

(1) Must order all 8 lanes on the Illlumina flowcell.
(2) Must order both 2 lanes on the Illumina Rapid Run flowcell.

Pacific Biosciences Sequencing

Instrument Movie Time Price Per SMRT Cell
PacBio RS 45 minutes x 2 movies Please Contact Robert Sebra
PacBio RS 90 minutes x 1 movie Please Contact Robert Sebra

Next Generation Sample Preparation Prices

Sequencing Platform Sample Type Description Cost Per Sample
Illumina Genomic DNA Standard Library with Index-read multiplexing $250
Illumina Genomic DNA Whole-Exome Capture for one sample $865
Illumina Genomic DNA Whole Exome Capture for two samples $600
Illumina Genomic DNA Whole exome capture for 3 sample pool (e.g. family trio) (1) $515
Illumina Genomic DNA Custom targeted capture for multiple samples $350 (2)
Illumina Chromatin IPed DNA Standard library with index-read multiplexing $250
Illumina Amplicons Standard library with index-read multiplexing $250
Illumina Total RNA Poly(A) RNA capture and seq library for multiplex sequencing $300
Illumina Total RNA (Eukaryotic or Prokaryotic) rRNA Depletion with RiboZero and seq library for multiplex sequencing $430
Illumina Total RNA small (micro) RNA seq library for multiplex sequencing $350
Illumina PolyA or RiboZero or captured RNA(RIP) >200ng cDNA library preparation for multiplex sequencing $300

(1) Batch of three genomic DNA libraries will be barcoded, captured and sequenced
(2) For pooling more than 10 samples together, there is an extra charge of $10/sample.

Illumina BeadArray Pricing

To calculate project costs, please add chip purchase costs and the associated processing costs. Users are required to purchase their own BeadArrays and submit them along with the samples. The Genomics Core charges only the sample processing costs, which are as follows.

Illumina BeadArray Sample Preparation, Hybridization and Scanning

Array Type Sample Volume Price Per Sample
Genotyping <50 $130
Genotyping 51-96 $65
Genotyping 97-500 $45
Genotyping 501-1000 $35
Genotyping >1,001 $25
Expression Profiling - $140
Methylation Profiling - $125

Illumina BeadArray Chip Prices

Please refer to Illumina website Illumina genotyping chips, Illumina Gene Expression chips, Illumina Methylation chips for current prices and full product list. We have worked with Illumina for special Mount Sinai discount prices. Please contact Milind Mahajan for price details for Mount Sinai investigators milind.mahajan@mssm.edu.

DNA/RNA QC Service

$15 per sample (results provided in 3 business days)
$30 per sample (results provided same day, samples must be submitted by 11AM)