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Resources Genomics Core Facility Sample Submission

Sample Submission

Location and Times

Genomics Core Facility Laboratory
1425 Madison Ave - Icahn Building
13th Floor, Room 13-02

Genomics Core Facility Online Request Portal for Illumina Sequencing:

  • To submit requests for Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencing and sample preparation, please use our on-line request portal below (this can only be accessed through on-campus computers).

View Genomics Core Facility Online Request Portal

Submission Forms For Other Services
Below are submission forms that can be filled electronically (recommend Adobe Reader). If the table sample rows are insufficient, please submit complete sample list in an Excel-compatible file using the same column headers as shown on the submission forms. Please email the completed submission forms and sample spreadsheet to: yumi.kasai@mssm.edu or omar.jabado@mssm.edu. Then bring a printed form with fund number signed by the principle investigator at the time of sample submission.

Illumina Sequencing [PDF]
Pacific Biosciences Sequencing [PDF]

Illumina BeadArray Submission
3-5 PM, Monday - Wednesday
All Samples: Pooja Sandhuria 
Illumina BeadArray Form

DNA/RNA QC Service
3-5 PM, Monday - Friday
All Samples: Genomics Core
QC ServiceRequestFillable 2014[PDF]

Shipping Address
Attention: Yumi Kasai
Genomics Core Facility
Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences
1425 Madison Avenue - Icahn Building
Room 13-02
New York, NY 10029
Tel: 212-659-6814