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Genomics Core Facility

The Genomics Core Facility, a CLIA-certified laboratory, enables Mount Sinai investigators to carry out basic and translational genomics research.  We leverage cutting-edge technologies and next-generation sequencing capabilities for research and clinical applications.  We help investigators and clinicians to analyze samples, identify genetic variants contributing to disease risk, and reveal complex mechanisms involved in human disease.

Our capabilities include:

  • Massively parallel sequencing with the Illumina HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq
  • Single molecule sequencing with the Pacific Biosciences RS II
  • Ion Proton for development of whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing using LifeTech's sequencing chemistry for rapid-turnaround NGS sequencing.
  • Ion PGM for targeted research and clinical assays with high throughput and intermediate length reads with rapid turnaround time.
  • Next-generation sequencing library preparation from RNA and DNA
  • Genotyping, gene expression profiling and epigenetics using the high-throughput Illumina BeadArray platform
  • Real-time PCR using the Roche LightCycler 480 System

Genomics Core Facility Online Request Portal 

  • To submit requests for Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencing and sample preparation, please use our on-line request portal below (this can only be accessed through  on-campus computers).

View Genomics Core Facility Online Request Portal

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