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Genetic Testing Lab

Client Services

Client Services

The Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. From specimen pick up, to test ordering and processing, to providing test results, our goal is to make the testing process as smooth and efficient as possible. Our helpful Client Services team can facilitate easy ordering of the most appropriate genetic test for your patient. The Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory’s comprehensive testing menu includes molecular, cytogenetic, and biochemical analyses and allows for the accommodation of even the most unique cases.

When ordering a test, please include the appropriate Test Requisition Form and Consent Form with your patient’s specimen. Both forms can be found on the individual test pages in our Test Catalog. Also, please let us know how you’d prefer to receive the test results. We can send the results by mail, fax, phone, secure email, or online web portal.  

Several options are available for sending us a specimen for analysis. Call us at 212-241-7518 to find out if we service your area for courier pick up. We have contracted with many local courier services that can pick up the specimen and bring it to our lab for quick processing.

If you are out of our service area, please arrange for overnight delivery of your specimen to one of the following shipping addresses:

Mount Sinai Genetic Testing Laboratory
Atran Laboratory Building, Room 2-25
1428 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10029

Mount Sinai Outreach/Genetics
1425 Madison Ave
8th Floor Room 872
New York NY 10029

In addition to our genetic testing services, Mount Sinai also offers a wide range of programs focused on diagnosing, treating, and counseling both patients with and individuals concerned about genetic diseases, birth defects, reproductive problems, or inherited genetic risks of developing cancer.  To learn more about these programs, visit the web site for the Medical Genetics Faculty Practice at the Mount Sinai Hospital.