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Test Catalog Molecular Genetics Laboratory Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ia

Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ia

Test Description:
Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ia (GSD Ia) is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder that is caused by deficiency of microsomal glucose-6 phosphatase (G6Pase) activity, which catalyzes the final step of glycolysis. This results in severe hypoglycemia, hepatomegaly, growth retardation and a bleeding diathesis. In addition, lactic acidemia, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia in patients lead to long-term complications that include hepatic adenomas, osteoporosis and progressive renal disease. The estimated worldwide frequency of GSD Ia is 1:100,000, but the carrier frequency in the Ashkenazi Jewish population is estimated to be 1 in 64. Based on the data reported from American Ashkenazi Jewish GSD Ia patients, screening for p.R83C and p.Q347X in the G6PC gene is expected to identify greater than 95% of carriers in this population. Carrier screening for GSDIa may be considered for individuals of Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish ancestry before/during pregnancy.

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Specimen Requirements:
Two 5-10 ml tubes of anticoagulated blood. The preferred anticoagulant is EDTA (lavendar top tubes), ACD (yellow top) tubes are also accepted.

Shipping: Send at room temperature.

Turnaround Time: 10-14 days

CPT Codes: 83891, 83892x2, 83900, 83912, 83914x2

Consent and Requisition Forms: Carrier Screening Requisition and Consent [PDF]

Additional Information: Jewish Genetic Screening Brochure [PDF]

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Prior to ordering prenatal testing, please contact our laboratory at 212-241-7518 to discuss.