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In the News

Medscape: Eric Schadt was interviewed by Eric Topol re: "Math, Medicine, and Motorcycles: Eric Schadt Takes the Fast Lane" (8/11/2015) Read More

GenomeWeb: Rong Chen was interviewed re: "Mount Sinai Team Launches Workflow Management Software for Genetic Testing, Dx Laboratories." (7/30/2015) Read More

Associated Press: Eric Schadt was quoted re: Asthma Health App "Software turns smartphones into tools for medical research." (7/27/2015) Read More

Bio-IT World: Ali Bashir was interviewed in article entitled, "Clone-Free, Single-Molecule Genome Assembly Illuminates Structural Variation" about work that was featured in Nature Methods. (6/30/15) Read More

GenomeWeb: Ali Bashir was interviewed re: combining single-molecule sequencing and single-molecule physical genome mapping to give researchers a better view of the structure of the human genome. (6/29/15) Read More

GEN: An article was published titled, "Harris Center for Wellness Established at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai," about the first-of-its-kind center that will focus on digital health, molecular profiling, and data science with Joel Dudley as director. (06/25/2015) Read More

Scientific American: Eric Schadt was interviewed in "Will iPhones Change Medicine--by Turning Us All into Subjects?" re: the Apple ResearchKit and our Asthma App. (6/16/15) Read More

GenomeWeb: Feature on a paper published in Nature Communications re: research led by Eric Schadt and Gang Fang in an article entitled "Team Uses PacBio Data to Detect and Phase Bacterial DNA Methylation at Single Molecule Level." (6/15/15) Read More

Dateline NBC: Manisha Balwani discusses photosensitivity disorder erythropoietic protoporphyria (6/14/2015). To preview "Out of the Shadows" Watch Video

The Bump: Lakshmi Mehta did an interview re: "Should You Consider Preconception Genetic Testing?" (5/27/2015) Read More

Yahoo Tech: Eric Schadt was interviewed re: Apple's ResearchKit and our Asthma App "Apple's ResearchKit Takes Medical Research Years Into the Future" (5/4/2015) Watch Video

CBS News: Interview with Eric Schadt re: new gene editing technology applied in humans "Ethical questions over designer babies and embryo-altering technology." (4/24/2015) Watch Video

Worth: Profile of Joel Dudley's work to advance precision medicine and radically transform the treatment of disease (4/14/2015) Read more

Fox News published a profile of Eric Schadt "Genomics guru dives deep into DNA data" (4/2/2015) Read more

GEN: Harm Van Bakel and Ivan Marazzi were quoted in an article re: a study on ALS in "Link between Inflammation and ALS Established." (3/31/2015) Read More

Fox News: Harm Van Bakel and Ivan Marazzi were interviewed re: "Disabled protein plays role in progression of some forms of ALS, study finds." (3/31/2015) Read more

Modern Healthcare: Interview with Yvonne Chan re: our Asthma App "App-based studies bring promise, peril" (3/14/2015) Read more

Fox News: Eric Schadt was quoted re: Asthma App as part of Apple's new ResearchKit in "Asthma app harnesses power of Apple's iPhone." (3/13/15) Read More

Bloomberg Business: Eric Schadt was interviewed re: Apple ResearchKit "How the iPhone Is Helping Doctors Battle Diseases." (3/11/2015) Watch Video

Business Insider: Yvonne Chan was interviewed re: Asthma App as part of Apple's new ResearchKit launch in "Apple is ushering in a 'new era' of medical research." (3/10/15) Read more

Yale Daily News: Interview with Andrew Kasarskis, Todd Arnold, and Krista Perrella "Branford genomics facility expands." (2/26/15) Read More

New Haven Register: Andrew Kasarskis and Todd Arnold quoted re Connecticut Lab event "New genomics research facility in Branford will expand capacity" (2/3/15) Read more

Wall Street Journal: Lisa Edelmann was quoted in an article re: "New Genetic Tests for Women Who Are Expecting" (1/5/2015) Read More

The New York Times published an article, interviewing Dr. Eric Schadt and Dr. Stephen H. Friend, regarding The Resilience Project - "In a New Approach to Fighting Disease, Helpful Genetic Mutations Are Sought" (12/28/2014) Read More

Forbes published an article with an interview with Eric Schadt re: pathogen surveillance- "How DNA Sequencing in Sewers Could Detect Disease Outbreaks" (12/11/2014) Read More

Techonomy: Eric Schadt interviewed re: "Are Patients Ready to Become Tech-Empowered Healthcare Consumers?" (11/21/14) Read More

GEN: Research has shed light on the response of the hepatitis C virus to targeted therapeutics "Hepatitis C Antiviral Resistance Revealed." (11/18/2014) Read More

Healthline: Interview with Jose Clemente, "Humans Have Lost Many of Our Gut Bacteria Since We Evolved from Apes" (11/4/2014) Read More

Fairfield County Business Journal: Interview with Andrew Kasarskis, "Connecticut Becoming Hotbed for Bioscience Growth" (10/30/14) Read More

Branford Eagle: "Branford Welcomes Mount Sinai Genomics Research Center." (10/24/14) Read More

HarfordBusiness.com: "New York medical school to launch CT research center." (10/23/14) Read More

New Haven Register: "Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai opens genomics research facility in Branford." (10/23/14) Read More

Hartford Courant: "Genomics Research Lab Planned for Branford." (10/23/14) Read More

Genomeweb: Andrew Kasarskis was interviewed re "Case Reports Highlight Role for Sequencing in Detecting Infections Spread by Transplanted Organs" (10/08/2014) Read More

NY Daily News: Karen Brown was interviewed re: Genetic Counseling for Cancer "Daily Checkup: Getting genetic counseling can help you fight cancer and even avoid it" (10/05/2014) Read more

Mendelspod.com: "Eric Schadt on Long Read Sequencing and Clinical Genomics" (9/23/2014) Listen to Podcast

WHYY Pulse Show: Interview with Elissa Levin and Robert Sebra re: the Resilience Project for the story "Crowdsourcing Cures Hidden in our DNA" 9/19/14 Listen here

GenomeWeb: "Mount Sinai to Open Clinical NGS Lab; Aims to Sequence 1 Million Individuals in Resilience Project" (9/12/2014) Read More

Fortune: Jeff Hammerbacher named one of Fortune's "2014 Big Data All-Stars" (8/3/14) Read More

The Naked Scientists: Interview with Saskia Sanderson re: "Gene Testing Issues" (7/10/14) Read More

The Daily Beast: Interview with Eric Schadt re: “The Genetic Heroes That Could Cure The Sick” (7/1/2014) Read More

Cap Today: Eric Schadt featured in “NGS to Detect Oncogenes” (6/30/2014) Read More

Thomson Reuters: Eric Schadt named one of the "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014" (6/18/14) Read more

MIT Technology Review: Interview with Pamela Sklar- “Shining Light On Madness” (6/17/2014) Read More

Scientific American: “Genetic Heroes May Be Key to Treating Debilitating Diseases” (5/30/2014) Read more

Forbes published an article re: The Resilience Project- “A Massive Quest Begins To Find Good Genes That Protect Us From Deadly Ones” (5/30/2014) Read more

Science: Perspectives by Eric Schadt and Stephen Friend- “Clues from the Resilient” (5/30/2014) Read more

The Atlantic: Interview with Eric Schadt and Stephen Friend-"The Search for Genes That Prevent Disease" 5/29/2014 Read more

FastCoExist: Interview with Elissa Levin re: "Searching For The Hidden Health Heroes Whose DNA Prevents Disease" 5/29/2014 Read more

Business Insider published an article re: The Resilience Project- “How Healthy People Who Should Be Sick Could Revolutionize Medicine” (5/29/2014) Read more

Clinical Informatics News: Interview with Andrew Kasarskis and Michael Linderman- “For Students at the Icahn School of Medicine, Genomics Is Growing More Personal” (5/23/2014) Read more

FastCoExist: Interview with Joel Dudley - "Why Health Care Needs Creative Thinking More Than Ever" (5/20/2014) Read more

Fast Company: Joel Dudley named one of “The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2014” (5/12/14) Read more

Joel Dudley featured on a panel discussion about “Big Data for Better Cures” at the Milken Global Conference (4/29/14) Watch video

C&EN: Joel Dudley interviewed re: Big Data & Healthcare in “A Virtue Of Chaos” (4/21/2014) Read more

Bloomberg Businessweek: "The Age of the Data Scientist" - Eric Schadt featured in a panel discussion (3/6/14) Watch videos

Bloomberg Businessweek: Icahn Institute's Eric Schadt on Data Analysis in Medicine (3/6/2014) Read more

Fox News: Melissa Wasserstein interviewed re: "Things to know about mitochondrial disease" (3/3/2014) Read more

CBS News: Ross Cagan interviewed re: personalized cancer therapy in "How fruit flies may be key to the fight against cancer" (2/16/2014) Read more

Fast Company: Icahn School of Medicine named "The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Big Data" (2/10/14) Read more

Gen: Interview with Joel Dudley-"Cancer Genomics Enters a New Era" (2/1/14) Read more

Discover Magazine: Interview with Hardik Shah re: new software to do rapid analysis of whole genomes by Genalice (1/23/2014) Read more

Independent (UK):"Schizophrenia could be caused by a wide variety of DNA mutations rather than one gene" (1/22/2014) Read more

Reuters: "Genetic mutation studies shed new light on schizophrenia" (1/22/2014) Read more

GenomeWeb: "Intro Course Helps Students Decide Whether to Analyze Their Own WGS Data, Mount Sinai Study Shows" (1/22/2014) Read more

GenomeWeb: "Schizophrenia Studies Find Genetic Risk Spread Across Shared Pathways" (1/22/2014) Read more

Bio-IT World: "The Maddening Genetics of Schizophrenia" (1/22/2014) Read more

New Scientist: Interview with Saskia Sanderson-"Preparing Students to Meet their Genes in the Classroom" (1/09/14) Read more

Wired: Jose Clemente's work re "A Lost Underground Kingdom" featured in "The Best Scientific Visualizations of 2013 (12/25/13) Read more

KCRW To The Point: "Big Data and Healthcare" - Joel Dudley interviewed (12/20/2013) Listen to Podcast

CBS This Morning: "War widow "finds purpose" following Stage 4 cancer diagnosis" - Eric Schadt interviewed re: Personalized Cancer Therapy and Fly Models (12/19/2013) Watch Video

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum: Epigenetic Changes Color the Genomes of People With MS (12/09/2013) Read more

FastCoExist: Interview with Joel Dudley and Jeff Hammerbacher - "In The Hospital Of The Future, Big Data Is One Of Your Doctors" (12/5/2013) Read more

Bio-IT World: Interview with Ross Cagan about our Personalized Cancer Therapy program (12/5/2013) Read more

TheScientist: "Researchers take advantage of rapid and cheap DNA sequencing technologies to map the bacterial microbiome of New York City" (12/1/2013) Read more

Leonard Lopate for WNYC: Interview with Eric Schadt - "A New Way of Killing Cancer" (11/27/2013) Read more

USA TODAY: Eric Schadt quoted re "Analysis of huge data sets will reshape health care" (11/24/2013) Read more

Esquire Magazine: Mount Sinai scientists and physicians created a personalized fly model to treat a patient with terminal colon cancer, now she has a fighting chance (11/20/13) Read more

Independent UK: Eric Schadt quoted re his research on a rare genetic disorder that stopped the aging process in one girl (11/10/2013) Read more

Microbe magazine: article by Dr. Schadt entitled "The Coming Revolution: Microbes and Multiscale Biology" describing recent microbial studies, including analyses of the cholera strain in the 2010 Haiti outbreak and the E. coli strain in the 2011 Germany outbreak. (11/2/2013) Read more

Time: Eric Schadt quoted re his research on a rare genetic disorder that stopped the aging process in one girl (10/30/2013) Read more

Huffington Post: OpEd by Eric Schadt - "It's Not Just the Genes" (10/24/2013) Read more

GigaOM: Eric Schadt quoted re Berg -Mount Sinai R&D partnership (10/10/13) Read more

FierceHealthIT: "Mount Sinai hires Facebook whiz to crunch big data" (9/26/13) Read more

MIT Technology Review: "A Hospital Takes Its Own Big-Data Medicine" (9/26/13) Read more

Drug Discovery & Development: "NIH Awards $45 M for Alzheimer?s Prevention, Novel Drug Targets" (9/18/13) Read more

Bio-IT World: "NIH Distributes $45 Million for Alzheimer's Research" (9/18/13) Read more

Bloomberg TV: "Super Computer Harnessing Data to Prevent Disease" - Joel Dudley and Andrew Kasarskis discuss how Mount Sinai is harnessing Big Data with supercomputer resources to better diagnose and treat disease. (7/18/13) Watch Video

The Week: Joel Dudley featured in "Five Futuristic Concepts From The Aspen Ideas Festival That Might Change Your Life" (7/10/13) Read more

The Scientist Magazine: Interview with Jeremiah Faith - "Gut Microbes for Life" (7/4/13) Read more

NPR: Interview with Jeremiah Faith - "Gut Bacteria We Pick Up as Kids Stick With Us for Decades" (7/4/13) Read more

Voice of America: Joel Dudley interviewed in "Aspen Ideas Festival Inspires, Engages, Promotes Debate" (7/2/13) Watch Video

New York Times: Interview with Jeff Hammerbacher and Eric Schadt - "Sizing up Big Data"(6/19/13) Read more

Delta Sky Magazine: Interview with Eric Schadt - "Bringing Big Data to Cancer" (June 2013) Read more

The Scientist Magazine: Interview with Dr. Schadt - Decoding Bacterial Methylomes (5/15/2013) Read more

Drug Discovery News: Article on our Alzheimer's Disease research (5/7/13) Read more

GenomeWeb: Interview with Bin Zhang - Molecular Network Points to Possible Treatment Targets for Alzheimer's Disease (4/25/2013) Read more

US News & World Reports: Gene Studies could point to new Alzheimer's treatments (4/25/13) Read more

New York Times: Eric Schadt interviewed for "Cancer Centers Racing to Map Patients' Genes" (4/21/13) Read more

GenomeWeb: Interview with Joel Dudley - Mount Sinai to Test Cancer Network Modeling Approach in Two Clinical Trials (3/27/2013) Read more

New York Genome Center: Bioinformaticians Share Their Own DNA in Personal Genomics Textbook (3/25/13) Read more

Charlie Rose TV show: "Charlie Rose and Jeff Hammerbacher talk Data Science in Healthcare" - Jeff Hammerbacher of Icahn Institute interviewed by Charlie Rose (3/21/13) Watch Video

New York Genome Center: Mount Sinai Cancer Tumor Study Seeks to Nail Moving Targets (3/13/13) Read more

Dr. Drew, CNN Headline News: "Can woman with 'Syndrome X' help solve mysteries of aging?" - Eric Schadt interviewed about Brook Greenberg (1/22/13) Watch Video

GenomeWeb: Interview with Lisa Edelmann - After Autism Panel, Mount Sinai Set to Launch Exome, Genome Test on HiSeq; Validating PacBio, Proton (1/16/2013) Read more

Genetic Engineering News (GEN): Profile of Dr. Schadt with his vision and how his team at the Icahn Institute at Mount Sinai is pioneering a new approach to disease research, diagnosis and treatment (1/15/2013) Read more

GEN: Eric Schadt's Top 5 Genomic Predictions (1/15/2013) Read more

Katie Couric TV show: "Brooke Greenberg's 'Syndrome X' Condition Defies Age, Baffles Doctors" - Dr. Schadt was interviewed in January 2013 re: his research into a rare condition for a young person who doesn't appear to age. (1/14/2013) Watch Video

GenomeWeb: Interview with Milind Mahajan - Q&A about running a CLIA-certified genomics core facility (1/8/2013) Read more

The Scientist: Epigenetics Armed German E. coli Read more

BioIT World: Sequencing Reveals Gene Regulation in E. coli (11/7/2012) Read more

GenomeWeb: Interview with Dr. Andrew Kasarskis on teaching students to analyze their own genomes (10/25/12) Read more

Wall Street Journal: Progress in Identifying the Genetic Roots of Autism (9/24/2012) Read more

Nature Biotechnology: Profile of Eric Schadt Read more