The Daniel and Jane Present-Andrew Levison Advanced Fellowship in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Clinical Management

The fellow will be assigned to rotations with several recognized leasers in the area of IBD. By working closely with these clinical mentors in both office and hospital settings, the fellow will gain practical experience in the diagnosis and management of these disorders and their complications, including the close follow-up of patients before, during, and after surgery. 

GI Care Center

Over 400 operations per year are performed on IBD patients at Mount Sinai, where their medical and surgical management is consolidated on a unified GI Care Center. In order to further develop academic and presentation skills, the fellow will be responsible for presenting an IBD case at a biweekly GI Care Center clinical conference and for participating in a biweekly Journal Club.

Diagnostic Radiology and Pathology

The fellow will gain competence in diagnostic radiology and pathology as they relate to IBD by ongoing work with IBD clinical mentors as well as by attending regular didactic sessions with GI radiologists and pathologists.

Clinical Research Project

The fellow will participate in at least one ongoing clinical research project under the close guidance of a research preceptor. The fellow will be expected in the course of the year to design a clinical study that can be implemented during the fellowship year.

Formal Didactics

In cooperation with the Department of Community Medicine, the fellow will complete introductory coursework in Biostatistics and Epidemiology followed by a second level course in epidemiological methods and clinical trial design specifically relevant to the study of chronic diseases. In addition, the fellow will attend a regular seminar conducted at the Mount Sinai Clinical Research Center which addresses research design and analysis, ethical issues and techniques of grant application and scientific presentation.