The Daniel and Jane Present-Andrew Levison
Advanced Fellowship in
Inflammatory Bowel Disease


The three-year Mount Sinai GI Fellowship program provides for an intensive focus of training in a particular area of gastroenterology during the third year. Among the areas of focus is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The curriculum for the senior fellowship in IBD incorporates both clinical practice and clinical research.

With respect to clinical practice, the IBD fellow spends block time in the practices of several IBD experts, including Dr. David Sachar, Dr. Daniel Present, and Dr. Asher Kornbluth, learning the art of consultation relevant to IBD. 

Evaluating IBD Patients

During each of these preceptorships, the fellow spends most of his/her time evaluating IBD patients in an ambulatory practice. However, the fellow also rounds each day on all of that practice's inpatients and discusses patient progress and management decisions with the appropriate attending physician. Any endoscopic procedures that are indicated for hospitalized or ambulatory patients whom he/she has evaluated will be performed by the fellow.

As for clinical research, the fellow is expected to define an area of clinical investigation and work towards completing a clinical research project and preparing the results for publication and presentation at national meetings. The project may be an original one or part of an existing protocol. 

Understanding Process

Emphasis is placed on the fellow understanding the process involved in preparing a proposal for Institutional Review Board review. A mentor with expertise appropriate for the project meets regularly with the fellow to assess progress and provide direction.

In addition to their activities in clinical practice and research, the senior IBD fellow is expected to attend the three regular ambulatory GI Clinics each week and attend all didactic conferences. These include Medical Grand Rounds, GI Grand Rounds, Endoscopy Conference, Journal Club, Pathology Conference, Chief of Service Rounds, Ambulatory Care/Evidence Based Medicine Conference, Motility Conference, and Pancreaticobiliary Conference. 

Grand Rounds

Every six weeks during GI Grand Rounds, a topic-oriented IBD Case Conference takes place and the IBD fellow is responsible for presenting the case, assembling a panel of discussants, and conducting a literature review on the topic.