Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer Program at the Tisch Cancer Institute of the Mount Sinai Health System is a dynamic multidisciplinary program. At the beginning of 2011 the clinical program moved into the Dubin Breast Center, a 15,000 square foot facility in the Klingenstein Pavilion. 

Breast cancer research at The Tisch Cancer Institute runs the gamut from very basic research in the molecular underpinnings of breast cancer, new gene discovery and signal transduction pathway elucidation; to health systems research evaluating and correcting systems failures for patients not receiving optimal adjuvant therapies; to the use of hypnosis in improving symptoms and side effects of therapies; to studying the pharmacogenomics of tamoxifen metabolism; to developing new therapeutic modalities such as "proteocrine therapy". These are examples of the rapidly expanding approach of "bench to bedside" research that is a core value of this program.