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The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI), a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, employs a multidisciplinary approach to cancer research and treatment, with the goal of advancing clinical breakthroughs that help prevent and eradicate cancer.

The mission of The Tisch Cancer Institute is to advance basic, clinical and population health cancer research, in order to prevent cancer in healthy individuals and improve the lives of cancer patients and their families in our diverse communities.  

Established in 2008 through the generosity of James and Merryl Tisch, The TCI has recruited more than 80 prominent scientists and physicians whose expertise spans basic, clinical, and population science research. Together they have developed innovative and translational research programs that build upon Mount Sinai’s history of medical discovery and outstanding patient care. They continually collaborate and work in partnership with multiple disciplines across the Mount Sinai Health System to advance novel treatments, such as immunotherapy, that offer hope for those at risk for or living with cancer.

The TCI is an integral part of the Mount Sinai Health System, which is one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare systems in the nation. It is also a vital component of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The TCI is continually on the forefront of medical and scientific training, biomedical research, and patient care.

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