Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics Research Laboratories

The Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics is located on the 12th floor of Mount Sinai's Icahn Medical Institute (1425 Madison Avenue), the 19th floor of the Annenberg Building (1468 Madison Avenue), and the 9th Floor of the Hess Center for Science and Medicine (1470 Madison Avenue), where primary faculty have their laboratories and offices. Our primary faculty are professors who teach and conduct research, and whose primary appointment is in the Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics.

Primary Faculty Research Laboratories

Avena Laboratory
Empirical Evidence for Food Addiction: Preclinical and Clinical Findings

Bechhofer Laboratory
Post-transcriptional regulation of bacterial gene expression

Birtwistle Laboratory
Single-cell cancer systems biology

Blitzer Laboratory
Regulation of translation in long-term potentiation

DeVita Laboratory
Drug discovery and development

Devi Laboratory
Neuropeptides and their receptors, opiate receptor signal transduction and narcotic addiction

Gallo Laboratory
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic approaches to advance drug development and improve drug therapy

Han Laboratory
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of depression and alcohol addiction

Iyengar Laboratory
Systems biology and systems pharmacology

Kenny Laboratory
Behavioral and molecular neuroscience

Krulwich Laboratory
Ion-coupled bacterial transporters with roles in OXPHOS, pH homeostasis and antibiotic-resistance

Lemischka Laboratory
Stem cell biology

Ma'ayan Laboratory
Computational systems biology applying graph theory, data mining and machine learning approaches to analyze complex biological data

Maze Laboratory
Chromatin regulatory mechanisms of neural plasticity and disease.

Neves Laboratory
Dopamine signaling in depression

Ramirez Laboratory
Connective tissue pathophysiology and genetic control of morphogenesis

Schaniel Laboratory
Reprogramming, disease modeling and therapeutics with pluripotent stem cells

Schlessinger Laboratory
Structural pharmacology of membrane transporters

Sobie Laboratory
Systems biology of cardiac arrhythmias

Zachariou Laboratory
Systems biology of neuropsychiatric disorders

Systems Biology of Disease and Therapeutics

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