New York University (NYU) Graduate School of Arts and Science, NYU School of Medicine (NYUSM) Sackler Institute, and Icahn School of Medicine (MSSM) offer an interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Computational Biology (COB). With funding from the National Science Foundation's IGERT initiative and other sources, the COB program is training a new generation of scientists in the fundamentals and applications of computational methods to biological problems, including the elucidation of macromolecular structure and function (proteins, DNAs, RNAs), genomic analysis and bioinformatics, and understanding of the structure and function of physiological systems (cells, organs, neuronal networks). Students from mathematics/computer science, as well as from biology/chemistry backgrounds, are encouraged to apply. COB training emphasizes innovative research in the biosciences and medicine, using a variety of modern techniques for computing, modeling and data analysis.

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