Center for Molecular Cardiology

Our mission at the Center for Molecular Cardiology (CMC) is to promote basic and clinically relevant research on congenital heart defects in children. Drawing on the research strengths at the Icahn School of Medicine, the Center is virtually unparalleled in scope and scale.

Bruce D. Gelb, MD, a pediatric cardiologist specializing in cardiovascular genetics and heart transplantation, serves as Scientific Director. Under his leadership, the Center, which he founded in 2006, is accomplishing its mission by:

  • Supporting and facilitating important discoveries that uncover the causes of congenital and acquired heart problems of childhood

  • Translating laboratory-based findings into health care strategies to improve the lives of children with heart problems

  • Training future generations of scientists and physician-scientists to pursue state-of-the-art research relevant to cardiovascular diseases of childhood

  • Educating physicians and other health care professionals, medical and graduate students, families impacted by these disorders, and the general public

Research Facilities

Our research facilities are located in the Hess Center for Science and Medicine Building within the Mount Sinai Health System. The Hess Center houses significant ISMMS laboratory and computational research, as well as our administrative office. The laboratory space is an open setting, with several laboratory rooms, pieces of equipment, and meeting spaces shared between laboratories. This allows our research trainees and investigators across departments–genetics and genomic sciences, pediatrics, developmental biology, and neuroscience–to share space and interact without physical barriers.

Our Team

Our dedicated team works together to advance the center, train the next generation of stellar physicians, and improve patient outcomes now and in the future.

Bruce D. Gelb, MD
Gogel Family Chair and Director of The Mindich Child Health and Development Institute, Director of the Center for Molecular Cardiology, and Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics & Genomic Sciences

Nicole Dubois, PhD
Assistant Professor, Developmental and Regenerative Biology