Elmhurst Hospital Center: Psychiatry

The General Psychiatry Residency Training Program of the Department of Psychiatry at Elmhurst Hospital Center offers the resident the ideal learning environment - a combination of a rich clinical service in a busy city hospital and the academic support of an excellent medical school.

The training program is designed to prepare residents as well-rounded clinicians while presenting them with the opportunity to pursue academic, research, and other specialized interests.

PGY I through PGY IV residents are trained in all aspects of the clinical examination, psychiatric diagnosis, and treatment in inpatient and outpatient settings. Residents receive a broad and comprehensive training with major theoretical contributions from psychodynamics, psychosocial system theory, and the neurosciences. This conceptual framework is integrated with supervised clinical experience to provide the resident with a broad understanding of human behavior in health and illness. The resident is trained in the use of each of the diverse treatment approaches existing in the field, including exploratory and supportive psychotherapies conducted on an individual and group basis, cognitive and behavioral therapies, family therapy, psychopharmacologic strategies, electroconvulsive treatment, and techniques in community psychiatry. The resident is exposed to treatment offered in a variety of clinical settings, including inpatient units, outpatient clinics, and a consultation/liaison service.

Elmhurst Hospital Center serves a community of over a million from one of the country's most culturally and ethnically diverse areas. There are people of over 170 cultures living in the Elmhurst area. The patient population includes approximately 40% Hispanic and 30% Asian patients. The Department of Psychiatry strives to provide culturally relevant and useful services to these patients, many of whom are recent immigrants to New York. This is accomplished via the Hispanic and Asian Inpatient and Outpatient Units as well as a variety of outreach and crisis services. The educational program is influenced by this emphasis on cultural issues in psychiatry, and this is a frequent topic in classes and conferences. The Department also conducts research in the area of cultural psychiatry. A recent affiliation with the Queens Hospital Center, another of New York City's municipal hospitals, allows the addition of a broader exposure to emergency room psychiatry.

Department faculty on site at Elmhurst includes approximately fifty psychiatrists and other behavioral scientists with expertise and experience in individual psychotherapy, inpatient management and milieu therapy, group therapy, family therapy, consultation/liaison psychiatry, community psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and research. The faculty provides depth of experience and a variety of frames of reference. The faculty participates in the didactic program as teachers, while also serving as individual supervisors and mentors. In addition, a corps of research psychiatrists and other scientists from all three institutions takes part in a variety of clinical research endeavors.

The Director of Residency Training is responsible for the development of the program and maintaining its high quality as well as for the personal progress of each resident. Throughout the training year the Director holds individual meetings with residents of each level of training in order to give feedback from supervisors, to obtain residents' impressions, to learn about their problems, and to hear their suggestions for improvement. There are also regular meetings of each PGY class with their Director and with the chief residents. The senior faculty, including the Director of Service and the Associate Director, are committed to the provision of excellent training and are closely involved in the training program.