Queens Hospital Center

Internal Medicine Residency Training Program


These are answers to most frequently asked questions regarding our Internal Medicine Residency Training Program.

  1. We will only review applications submitted through ERAS.
  2. Successful applicants typically have USMLE/COMLEX scores no lower than the mid-80s (first attempt). We also prefer to review the results of Step 2CS (first attempt). Successful candidates for preliminary positions typically average 80 and above in their USMLE scores. (Preliminary positions are strictly for candidates who will enter a core training program upon completion of the preliminary year.)
  3. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents may be considered for J-1 visa sponsorship.
  4. Applications are complete when the applicant has fulfilled the requirements of #8 below.
  5. It is helpful if we receive the complete application package by November 1st to allow ample time for review.
  6. U.S. clinical experience though not required is helpful. (Observerships do not count as clinical experience.)
  7. Applicants with questions or concerns may contact Program Coordinator, Ms. Terry Ishman-Harrison, at ishmant@nychhc.org. No telephone queries, please.
  8. In order to apply you must submit:
    • Dean’s letter/MSPE
    • Three additional letters of recommendation from a physician who directly supervised you (preferably within last 6 months and preferably one from the Department of Medicine). Also note, only 3 recommendation letters will be reviewed for consideration.
    • Medical school transcript/score report
    • USMLE scores report or COMLEX scores report
  9. We prefer candidates who graduated medical school within the last 5 years.
  10. We offer 6 preliminary and 19 categorical positions.
  11. We train many international medical graduates.
  12. Our interview session starts in the first week of December and continues through January. Interviews are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. No interviews will be scheduled between Christmas and New Year’s Day or on the third Monday in January (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).
  13. Queens Hospital Center is a community-based hospital with university sponsorship of the Icahn School of Medicine.
  14. Interview will be granted based on a total review of package. Approximately 200 applicants (6-8%) are selected for an interview out of pool of well over 3,000.
  15. For other required materials, United States Medical Graduates can contact their Dean’s Office or go to www.aamc.org/audienceeras.htm.
  16. For other required materials, International Medical Graduates can contact ECFMG via their Website: www.ecfmg.org/eras/index.html.
  17. For more information, Canadian Medical Graduates can contact the Canadian Resident Matching Service at 613-237-0075 or go the ERAS Website: www.carms.ca/eng/index.shtml.
  18. Pre-match positions are offered occasionally.
  19. Post-match scramble applicants will not be offered visa sponsorship.
  20. For international medical graduates, ECFMG certification is not required prior to interview, but both Step 1 and Step 2CK are required. The results of USMLE Step 2 CS are required by mid-January. All requirements for ECFMG certification must be available by mid-March.
  21. We do not offer an observership/externship program to medical graduates.
  22. We do not have our own fellowship programs; programs in Nephrology and Hematology/Oncology are joint fellowships based at other hospitals. Currently, ACGME approval is pending for our own Pulmonary Disease fellowship program.
  23. Couples may be admitted to our program, but both individuals must meet our requirements. We do not interview a candidate only because they are part of a couple.
  24. Queens Hospital Center does not provide housing or a housing stipend.
  25. Please note that due to the large volume of applications, there is no guarantee of an interview even if an applicant meets the eligibility criteria.
  26. Applicants should not send email updates of their applications. Everything should be completed in ERAS. Applicants granted an interview should disclose updated information at that time.
  27. Our ABIM board pass rate is 100%.