Determination of Need

The overriding philosophy for student financial aid is that you – the applicant – bear the primary responsibility for financing any educational and living expenses while pursuing your degree.

Financial need is the difference between your calculated available resources and total anticipated school-related and basic living expenses for a given academic year.

Financial aid may be offered in the form of scholarships and/or loans. Very limited College Work/Study may be offered. These various types of aid would be offered in accordance with individual requirements and the availability of funds.

Rigid criteria are adhered to in the awarding of Federal funds for all disciplines offered by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Financial assistance is awarded solely on the basis of verified financial need, as determined using federally-approved need analysis applications.

Financial aid for the disciplines of MD, PhD, Master's of Public Health, Master's of Genetic Counseling, Master's of Biological Sciences, Master's of Clinical Research may include Title IV Programs (Stafford Loans, GradPlus Loans and, in limited cases, College Work/Study Funds).

If you are pursuing the MD only, parental contribution, determined by an approved application analysis, is expected.  Icahn School of Medicine will not consider the awarding of institutional aid, and the Perkins Loan, without including parental information, until age 35 or older.

Review by Financial Aid Office
Upon receipt of all required forms, the Office of Student Financial Services prepares an award letter for each student.

Review by Financial Aid Committee
The Financial Aid Committee reviews all data as well as any extenuating circumstances, including but not restricted to, parental unemployment, illness, and other special situations. You will be notified of your financial aid package in an Award Letter.

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