Child Program


  1. Clinical Evaluation: The clinical evaluation for attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder consists of interviews of parent and child, as well as completion of behavioral questionnaires by parent and teacher. The interviews include questions about the nature and onset of the current problems, as well as the child's mental, physical, and emotional development, and the home and school environments. Testing of ability and achievement may be necessary if a learning problem is suspected.
  2. Neuropsychological Evaluation: More specialized testing of attention, learning, language, or perceptual-motor development may be required to pinpoint the problem(s).


  1. Behavior Therapy: This form of intervention involves working directly with parents to implement strategies to enhance the child's attention to homework and/or behavioral control in the home.
  2. School Consultation: This intervention involves working with the child's teacher to implement learning and/or behavioral strategies in the classroom.
  3. Medication: Medication therapy may be very beneficial in enhancing attention and reducing hyperactivity and impulsivity, thereby improving the child's self-control.

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