Do I Have a Brain Injury?

If you (or someone you’re concerned about) have ever experienced a blow to the head that left you unconscious or even just dazed and confused, you have had a traumatic brain injury. Most such injuries, when they are relatively mild, eventually “heal”, in the sense that the person is left with no permanent problems resulting from the injury to the brain. But, most people with severe and moderate injuries and even some with mild injuries experience life-long challenges resulting from the brain’s being damaged permanently by the injury. For people with mild injuries, the probability of symptoms not “going away” increases if they have had more than one “ding to the head” or concussion.

The BIRC-MS suggests two resources for those who are worried and aren’t sure that brain injury is the cause of problems seen. And, if brain injury is the cause, what can be done? First, we suggest that you view a 10-minute video we have posted on YouTube, Do I Have a Brain Injury? 

Second, the website Brain Interrupted provides a good description of so-called hidden TBI or unidentified TBI: where it isn’t clear to the person that an injury to the brain is the reason for problems in living with daily life. On that website, especially useful are the sections: About TBI and Resources.