GBM Seminar Series

The Icahn Institute at Mount Sinai and Nature Reviews Genetics have launched a new seminar series, Genomics, Big Data and Medicine (GBM).

Our seminars are dedicated to the critical intersection of GBM, delving into “bleeding edge” technology and approaches that will deeply shape the future. The seminar format will be an hour lecture followed by 30 minutes of moderated Q&A. We seek to foster lively and thought-provoking dialogue to hash out the best ways to make the application of genomics technologies and analysis of big data transformative in personal medical care.

Past speakers include Dr. Eric Green, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, Dr. George Church, Director of, and Dr. Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute


Speaker: Dr. Daniel MacArthur, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School 

Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

Location: Davis Auditorium, 1470 Madison Ave at 101st street, 2nd Floor

Dr. MacArthur’s current research focuses on a few key areas: interpreting the functional impact of genetic variation in protein-coding genes identified using large-scale next-generation sequencing, defining the molecular basis for rare Mendelian diseases such as muscular dystrophy, and leveraging human genetic variation to understand gene function and identify novel therapeutic targets.

Series Organizers

Eric Schadt, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences

Pamela Sklar, MD
Professor, Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Genetic and Genomic Sciences

Judy Cho, MD
Director, The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine

Orli Bahcall
Senior Editor, Nature