Center for Health Equity and Community Research

The mission of the Center for Health Equity and Community Engaged Research at Icahn School of Medicine is to improve the health and health care of underserved populations. The Center is dedicated to identifying causes of disparities in health and healthcare among underserved populations, creating and tailoring interventions and community-inspired sustainable programs to target those underlying causes, and devising innovative strategies to disseminate health messages to improve the health of minority communities. The Center is a nidus for researchers across Mount Sinai interested in health equity and community-engaged research and provides infrastructure to support their work and foster collaborations.

The Center includes a wide research portfolio ranging from programs in cancer (breast, prostate, ovarian), metabolic disease (diabetes, obesity), maternal and child health (postpartum depression, infant and maternal mortality and morbidity, postpartum care), cardiovascular disease (hypertension, heart failure and stroke), emergency medicine and pediatrics.  Our multi-disciplinary faculty members also have expertise in clinical trial development, multi-site and community-based interventions, subject recruitment and retention, quality of care interventions, quality improvement, multi-method (qualitative-quantitative), and health policy research. Investigators have conducted this work through robust inter-departmental, inter-institutional and community-academic collaborations, disseminated the work through publications and high profile presentations, served on important national committees and study sections, and used the findings to inform and influence health policy. Researchers now are funded through an expanding number of federal grants, have been awarded two health disparities center grants, through the NIH and the CDC, and lead one of the 5 Centers of Mount Sinai‚Äôs Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), to further build our community engagement and research capacity.

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Last update:  September 24, 2015