Precision Immunology Institute

Microbiome Translational Center

The Precision Immunology Institute Gnotobiotic Mouse Core Facility houses a diverse array of technologies for precise determination of the microbiota’s influence on mammalian physiology.

The facility can accommodate up to 12 large flexible-film gnotobiotic breeding isolators, each capable of holding 18-24 cages. In addition, we can support up to 12 smaller experimental isolators each capable of housing up to 6 cages for individual experiments including those with defined consortia of bacteria and custom diets. Up to 100 cages of gnotobiotic mice can be housed in our outside-the-isolator system for screening gnotobiotic mice with different community compositions. The gnotobiotic facility maintains a Swiss-Webster colony for rederivation of new germ-free lines by embryo transfer in collaboration with the Mouse Genetics and Gene Targeting core at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Colonies are tracked in our custom web-based mouse tracking software and database. All germ-free quality control metrics are stored in a web-based digital platform available to the facility operators and maintained in perpetuity.

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