Center for Multiple Sclerosis

The Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis at The Mount Sinai Health System is one of the most comprehensive programs in the United States focusing on treatment for and research into multiple sclerosis.  Close collaboration among researchers and clinicians results in the rapid translation of new discoveries into more effective treatments, giving patients the widest possible range of options.

The Center was established to combat these hardships and provide the most comprehensive MS-related patient care and research in New York City.  The hallmark of this innovative Center is its multidisciplinary approach to MS, integrating a broad base of talented physicians and scientists, all of whom have a vested interest in understanding the cause and overcoming the consequences of this devastating condition.  The first of its kind in New York City, the Dickinson Center provides a holistic approach to disease management, including state-of-the-art programs in diagnostics, management, experimental therapeutics and basic research.  

Patient Care:  The Dickinson Center is devoted to enhancing quality of life for MS sufferers.  We offer our patients 1) comprehensive, centralized care, including diagnosis, disease management, rehabilitation, and support services, 2) access to the latest and most promising research advances and 3) the opportunity to participate in trials of new therapeutic agents.  Since the Dickinson Center was established in 2000, the number of patients we have seen per year has increased to over 5,000. The Center is well equipped with state-of-the art medical technology and allows us to meet our goal of offering MS patients a broad range of services in a single location.

Clinical Research:  The MS Center participates in many clinical research protocols of new and novel therapeutics, developed in house and in partnership with colleagues, including NIH and the National MS Society. The Center staff includes clinical trial coordinators and monitors.

Basic Science:  The development of newer and more effective therapies can be accomplished only through research that provides new levels of insight into the nature of MS.  The Center seeks to bolster basic research efforts that may lead to new treatments and ultimately a cure for MS, such as neurodegeneration, glial cell biology, transplantation, stem cells and neuroimmunology.  Under the direction of internationally acclaimed neuroscientists, Dr. Gareth John, Dr. Patrizia Casaccia, Dr. Matilde Ingles and Dr. Christophe Gerald, the Dickinson Center has developed a leading-edge basic science research program that has been focused on the myelin sheath and glial-cell biology, biomarker development and more recently on myelin repair and regeneration.

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