Precision Immunology Institute


The Precision Immunology Institute at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (PrIISM) holds two types of conferences, Seminars and Works in Progress. Unless otherwise indicated, all Seminars take place on Monday's at 4 pm and Works in Progress take place on Tuesday's at 2 pm at The Hess Center for Science and Medicine, 1470 Madison Avenue, Hess 2nd floor seminar room A.

2017 Precision Immunology Seminar Series

Monday from 4:00 - 5:00 PM 
Hess - 1470 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor Seminar Room A

March 6th
Daniel Mucida, PhD
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology
The Rockefeller University

March 20th
Teruyuki Sano, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Program in Molecular Pathogenesis
NYU School of Medicine

March 27th
Evan Newell, PhD
Assistant Professor
Singapore Immunology Network

March 28th – Special Date and Time, 2:00 PM in place of WIP
Klaus Warnatz, MD, PhD
Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
University of Freiburg

April 3rd
Shruti Naik, PhD
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow
Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development
The Rockefeller University

April 17th
Brad R. Rosenberg, MD, PhD
John C. Whitehead Presidential Fellow
Program in Immunogenomics
The Rockefeller University

April 24th
Kenya Honda, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences

May 1st
Douglas T. Fearon, MD
Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis
Weill Cornell Medicine of Medical Sciences

May 8th
Nir Hacohen, PhD
Director, MGH Center for Cancer Immunotherapy
Harvard Medical School

May 15th
Stephanie C. Eisenbarth, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Immunobiology and Immunology
Yale School of Medicine

May 22nd
Matthias P. Nahrendorf, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
MGH Center for Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School &
Filip K. Swirski, PhD
Associate Professor
MGH Center for Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School

June 12th
Catherine J. Wu, MD
Associate Professor
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School

June 26th
Michael Birnbaum
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

July 10th - September 4th – Summer Break

Works in Progress

March 7th
Joong-Hyuk Francis Sheen (Student, Peter Heeger Lab)
Raymond Alvarez (Instructor, Benjamin Chen Lab)

March 14th
Paolo Cravedi (Assistant Professor, Peter Heeger Lab)
Changda Liu (post-doc, Xiu-Min Li Lab)

March 21st
Aleksandra Wroblewska (Post-doc, Brown Lab)
Veronika Kana (Post-doc, Merad Lab)

March 28th
Guest Speaker (Cunningham-Rundles Lab)

April 4th
Joshua Borgerding (Student, Merad and Faith Lab)
Naoko Imai (Post-doc, Gnjatic Lab)

April 11th
Chiara Giannarelli (Assistant Professor, Giannarelli Lab)
Matthew Hartwell (Visiting Medical Student, Ferrara Lab)

April 18th
Ivan Marazzi (Assistant Professor, Marazzi Lab)
Lili Wang (Post-doc, Benjamin Chen Lab)

April 25th
John Finnigan (Student, Bhardwaj Lab)
Chengguo Wei (Post-doc, Murphy Lab)

May 2nd
Douglas Mathern (Student, Heeger Lab)
Emilie Grasset (Post-doc, Cerutti Lab)

May 9th
Hui-Ming Chen (Post-doc, Shu-Hsia Chen Lab)
Linda Hammerich (Post-doc, Brody Lab)

May 16th
Haekyung Lee (Post-doc, Mehandru Lab)

May 23rd
Rosalind Ang (Post-doc, Ting Lab)
Ines Llaudo (Post-doc, Heeger Lab)

May 30th
Cindy Tian (Student, Verily Life Science)
Netonia Marshall (Post-doc, Brody Lab)

June 6th
Miguel Fribourg (Post-doc, Sealfon Lab)
Tom Chan (Post-doc, Guttman Lab)

June 13th
Aleksey Chudnovskiy (Student, Merad Lab)
Elena Gonzalez (Post-doc, Bhardwaj Lab)

June 20th
Judith Agudo (Post-doc, Brown Lab)

June 27th
Ilaria Gandolfini (Post-doc, Heeger Lab)
Paul J Maglione (Assistant Professor, Cunningham-Rundles Lab)

July 4th - Independence Day

July 11th
William Van der Touw (Post-doc, Shu-Hsia Chen Lab)
Wen Huei-Chi (Post-doc, Guttman Lab)

July 18th
Eziwoma Alibo (Student, Brown Lab)
Geming Lu (Post-doc, Xiong Lab)


September 5th
Margeaux Oliva (Post-doc, Guttman Lab)
Leticia Tordesillas (Post-doc, Berin Lab)

September 12th
Zhengxiang He (Post-doc, Lira Lab)

September 19th
Laure Loumagne (Post-doc, Shu-Hsia Chen Lab)
Stefan Jordan (Post-doc, Merad Lab)

September 26th
Nai-Yun Hsu (Post-doc, Judy Cho Lab)
Yuan Hu (Post-doc, Xiong Lab)

October 3rd
Erin Doyle (Student, Branch Lab)
Linda Zambrano (Student, Xiu-Min Li Lab)

October 10th
Ranjan Upadhyay (Student, Brody Lab)
Sabrina Tamburini (Post-doc, Clemente Lab)

October 17th
Luciana Muniz (Student, Bhardwaj Lab)
Veronika Kana (Post-doc, Merad Lab)

October 24th
Kevin Jhun (Student, Homann Lab)
Graham Britton (Post-doc, Faith Lab)

October 31st
Ling-shiang Chuang (Post-doc, Judy Cho Lab)
Nicholas Chun (Post-doc, Heeger Lab)

November 7th
Namita Satija (Post-doc, Benjamin Chen Lab)
Maria Casanova-Acebes (Post-doc, Merad Lab)

November 14th
Konstantina Alexandropoulos (Associate Professor, Alexandropoulos Lab)

November 21st
Samuel Rose (Post-doc, Brown Lab)
Verena van der Heide (Post-doc, Homann Lab)

November 28th
Navpreet Tung (Student, Merad Lab)
Selma Bekri (Post-doc, Jay Hearn Cho Lab)

December 5th
Diana Legarda-Addison (Assistant Professor, Ting Lab)
Li Hang (Student, Xiu-Min Li Lab)