About the Center for Therapeutic Antibody Development

The Center for Therapeutic Antibody Development (CTAD) has been in existence since 1996 under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Moran. The facility assists in all aspects of the generation of mAbs, from expressing the target protein, to screening and purifying the selected clones. The facility also has expertise in humanization of antibodies as well as immortalization of human B cells from blood samples.

Hundreds of antibodies have been successfully generated for scientists at Mount Sinai as well as for other institutions. To date, over 30 monoclonal antibodies generated in this facility have been commercialized for basic science use. These antibodies have been contracted out to companies and percentages of proceeds returned to the investigators.

Area of Expertise

CTAD can assist in, or perform any or all of the steps needed to generate high quality monoclonal antibodies for research or therapeutic uses, including:

  • Production of protein using various expression systems
  • Purification of protein
  • Immunization of appropriate host
  • Fusion and immortalization of B cell clones
  • Screening and selection of clones
  • Humanization of monoclonal antibodies made in non-human species
  • Isolation of antibody producing human B cells
  • Cloning and expression of human V genes
  • Target indifferent approach
  • Purification of antibodies
  • Mycoplasma testing

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Humanized Antibody Ribbon

Humanized Antibody Ribbon


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