Lipschultz Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

The Lipschultz Center for Cognitive Neuroscience is a multi-disciplinary initiative dedicated to understanding the neural circuit mechanisms of higher cognitive function. The ultimate goal is to then apply this knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders characterized by cognitive dysfunction.

A focal point of research in the Lipschultz Center is the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is uniquely developed in humans and other primate species and is critical for the higher cognitive functions that are most advanced in primates. Lipschultz center researchers are using state-of-the-art approaches to better understand how prefrontal cortex functions in concert with other parts of the brain in health and disease. This includes monitoring neural activity in the prefrontal cortex and inter-connected structures with direct recordings of individual brain cells, obtaining brain-wide assessments with functional neuroimaging, building computational models of behavior and neural activity, and using targeted stimulation to modulate function.  This multi-scale and interdisciplinary approach will not only help us to understand the neural basis of human cognition, but also supports our mission of advancing novel treatments for human disease.

Read more about this groundbreaking research under way in the following Lipschultz Center laboratories: Priti Balchandani, Denise Cai, Joseph Castellano, Uraina Clark, Kirsten Dams-O’Connor, Rita Goldstein, Ki Goosens, Xiaosi Gu, George Huntley, Yael Jacob, Helen Mayberg, Hirofumi Morishita, Muhammad Parvaz, Giulio Pasinetti, Abha Rajbhandari, Erin Rich, Peter Rudebeck, Scott Russo, Ignacio Saez, Daniela Schiller, Tristan Shuman, and Andrew Varga.

Patient Care

The Mount Sinai Health System provides state-of-the-art and compassionate care for individuals with a neurological or psychiatric condition that involves cognitive dysfunction. Please see our patient care pages for further information and how to see a Mount Sinai specialist.

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