Forms and Instructions for Appointment and Promotion on the Affiliate Track

Clinical Instructor/Research Instructor
Clinical Assistant Professor/Research Assistant Professor

  • Transmittal Sheet [PDF]
    Please complete all items. Please attach the copy bearing the Affiliate President’s original signature to the appointment packet being submitted to the Department Chair at Mount Sinai.

  • Chief of Service Statement Instructions
    Chiefs of Service at affiliate hospital must prepare and sign a statement recommending each candidate for appointment or promotion.

  • 1. Statement should not exceed one page in length for junior faculty

  • 2. Specify candidate’s proposed rank and department

  • 3. Briefly describe area of expertise/accomplishments to date

  • 4. Briefly describe candidate’s responsibilities at the affiliate hospital and as a faculty member

  • Curriculum Vitae
    All appointment and promotion applications must include an updated copy of candidate’s curriculum vitae.

  • Affidavit and Acknowledgment of Policies [PDF]
    Submit for new appointments only. Candidates must print their names and sign and date both the top and bottom of the form.

    Note: If candidate is not a U.S. citizen, he/she should only sign the top signature line on form.

    Also: The copy bearing candidate's original signature must be forwarded with completed paperwork

  • Invention/Copyright Agreement [PDF]

  • New Hire Data Sheet [PDF]
    Must be submitted with all new appointment requests.