Document Submission Requirements

All faculty members are responsible for submitting an updated CV in the required format to their department administrator. Faculty to be nominated to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor must also submit additional information as requested by their department administrator.

Department/Division administrators are responsible for assembling completed packets for submission to the Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Office.

The Summary of Required Documents is a checklist to help faculty determine which documents are required for faculty appointment, promotion or tenure nomination. Each document is accessible for download within the checklist.

Department Chair Statements must be dated and the introductory paragraph must specify rank and track, and if applicable, tenure. Maximum length requirements are as follows:

  • Associate – one page
  • Instructor/assistant professor – one page
  • Clinical instructor/assistant clinical professor – one page
  • Associate clinical professor/clinical professor – two pages
  • Adjunct titles, visiting, lecturer, professorial lecturer – one page


  • For appointments, include a brief job description
  • Describe accomplishments at current rank
  • For promotions, briefly highlight major accomplishments
  • Reappointment of associate professor and professor – highlight how level of achievement has been sustained or surpassed since last appointment or reappointment

Rank Specific Content

  • Associate – include anticipated length of training
  • Assistant Professors on the Investigator Track – for candidates being promoted, include discussion of the review process which assisted in the decision to promote (e.g., chalk talks, interviews)
  • Associate Professors / Professors – refer to sample chair statements

Sample Chair Statements

When completing your curriculum vitae, please do not leave sections blank or list as "not applicable." If there is no information to enter in a particular section, please enter "none."

Salaried Appointments* (New Hires): The following forms must be attached when submitting academic appointment paperwork

  • PSM-100 – All applicable departmental, financial and budgetary approvals must be obtained before submission to the Appointments and Promotions Office.
  • Faculty Applicant Tracking Sheet – Required in accordance with federal Affirmative Action Guidelines. Name, gender and ethnic code of all candidates interviewed must be listed. This is required for all new appointments of salaried faculty (including part-time).
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • *For Faculty on Visas, please contact the International Personnel Office.

Non-Salaried New Appointments (voluntary, adjuncts, and full-time Affiliate based faculty)

Termination Paperwork** (Salaried only) - These terminations are now done in HRTS

  • Resignation/Termination of faculty appointment
  • Full-Time Faculty transitioning to Part-Time Status

**Please also review the section Procedure for Title Change or Status Change

Terminating Non-Salaried Appointments:

Professor, Research Professor and Clinical Professor Nominations

Associate Professor Nominations

Tenure Nominations (Without Other Actions)

Tenure Nomination – (for Associate Professor and Professor) - 15 Reviewers required

Candidates proposed for the ranks and tracks listed below must provide citations for peer-reviewed publications that they consider their most significant, as follows:

Five Publications Required

  • Professor, Investigator Track
  • Professor, Clinician and/or Educator Track
  • Research Professor
  • Clinical Professor
  • Tenure Nomination
  • Associate Professor with Tenure

Three Publications Required

  • Associate Professor, Investigator Track
  • Associate Professor, Clinician and/or Educator Track
  • Associate Professor, Research Track