Chapter VII: Institutional Policies

All faculty must adhere to the following guidelines and policies of Icahn School of Medicine.

Conditions of Employment

  1. Oath Of Allegiance
  2. Licensure
  3. Immigration Status
  4. Pre-employment Toxicology Screening and Physical Examination
  5. Security Check

Compliance Program

Fraud and Abuse Prevention: Deficit Reduction Act

Manuscript Policy

Authorship Policy

Data Retention

Policies and Procedures on Ethical Practices in Research: (See Chapter VI)

Policy and Procedures on Protecting Whistleblowers

Policy on Press Relations

  1. General
  2. Speaking for Mount Sinai
  3. Contact with the Media
  4. Recording, Filming and Photography
  5. Patient Information, Interviews, Recording, Filming and Photography

Policy on Use of Mount Sinai's Name

  1. Purpose
  2. General Rule
  3. Individual Employee or Faculty Activities
  4. Publications
  5. Disclosure or Use of Name by other Entities Arising Out of Institutional Relationships with Such Entities
  6. Use of Name by other Entities When Authorized by Mount Sinai In Other Circumstances
  7. Infractions
  8. Questions

Guidelines and Procedures Regarding Use of Name of Mount Sinai in Published Materials

  1. General Principles
  2. The Approval Process

Social Media Guideline

Policy on Relationships with Business Organizations

Policy on Business Conflicts of Interest (Institutional Policy)

Policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research

Policy on Interactions with Vendors and Other Commercial Entities

Policies on Intellectual Property: Ownership and Commercial Development

  1. Introduction
  2. MSSM Policy Statements
  3. Technology Evaluation and Protection
  4. Commercial Development and Technology Transfer
  5. Faculty, Student, Staff and Visitor Obligations
  6. Administration

Campus Rules and Regulations

  1. Rules of Conduct
  2. Program of Enforcement
  3. Violations of Rules and Regulations by Faculty
  4. Violations of Rules and Regulations by Students
  5. Violations of Rules and Regulations by Administrative Officers and Other Staff

Disaster Procedures