Application Information

Most research and sponsored project applications are prepared in InfoEd and routed for approval through the department(s) in which there are key personnel each year of the project.  There are very limited exceptions.

Exception to InfoEd Submission – BRANY Projects
Do not submit the project to the GCO if BRANY serves as the IRB and also negotiates the clinical trial agreement on behalf of Mount Sinai.

Exception to Yearly Submission –Expedited IRB Projects Without External Sponsored Project Funding
If the IRB has provided a three year approval and there is no external sponsored project funding (e.g., ISMMS, industry clinical trials negotiated by FACTS, and cooperative trial research projects), GCO submissions are also only then required every three years.

All sponsored projects must be submitted through InfoEd and reviewed by the GCO before submitting to an external funding agency, including those where an institutional signature isn’t required.

InfoEd is the software program the Icahn School of Medicine uses to internally route and manage all research and sponsored project applications excluding BRANY projects.

InfoEd is also used to submit competitive, single project National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal sponsored projects electronically to these agencies. These applications are called “System to System Submissions” or “S2S” applications.  InfoEd is the system used to transmit the application directly to the extramural funding agency.

All other applications are referred to as “Non System to System Submissions” or “non-S2S.” For non-S2S applications, the system is used internally at ISMMS only and not to submit the application to the extramural funding agency.

The Principal Investigator (PI) or his/her delegate must create an Investigator Form (IF) on Sinai Central for every project (e.g., new, yearly renewals, supplement requests, no cost extension applications) each project year except for 1) final reports submitted to the Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) and 2) BRANY projects

To access the COI and S&D forms, login to Sinai Central; go to GCO, Investigator Forms. Click on the instruction links below for policy, procedure, and technical information. The instructions include information on who is required to complete the forms.


Includes GCO, Finance, COI, and other related application information