eDMS Platform

The Electronic Disclosure Management System (eDMS) will be replacing Sinai Central for both the annual disclosure and research disclosure processes. Please note that as of April 4, 2023, Sinai Central will no longer be available for editing and submitting the Annual Report of Outside Relationships (“Annual Form”), the Investigator Forms (“IF Forms”), and the Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure Form (“FCOIR Form”). All submissions, including research project-specific disclosures, must be made in the eDisclosure Management System (eDMS). Investigators will continue to have read-only access to their prior disclosure information in Sinai Central for reference purposes.

eDMS New Terminology:

Below is a list of terminology from the Sinai Central processes that will transition to eDMS terminology:

Sinai Central


Annual Report of Relationships with Outside Entities “Annual Form”

eDMS Disclosure Profile

Financial Interest in Research Disclosure Form

Research Trigger Form (project-specific form)

Investigator Form (IF)

Triggering Event (TE)

IF number

TE number

Training and Additional Resources:

For step-by-step guidance on the transitioned annual and research processes, please view the following instructional documents: 

eDMS recorded training videos are available via the PEAK.

Please note: You must be on the Mount Sinai campus or have the ability to VPN to access the PEAK.