1st Year:

  • Fellows receive didactic training in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental medicine, study design and research methodology through the Mount Sinai
  • Select a research topic, a mentor, and an interdisciplinary advisory committee and begin their mentored research
  • Gain clinical experience in environmental pediatrics in the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit

2nd and 3rd Year:

  • Fellows complete their MPH coursework
  • Take a course on grant writing at the New York Academy of Medicine
  • Complete their mentored research project, write papers, an MPH thesis and a grant application based on this research, begin their transition to academic independence
  • Continue to see patients in the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit

All 3 Years:

  • Fellows participate in a seminar series in biomarkers and molecular epidemiologic methods
  • Receive career development guidance from their mentors and the program director

Each fellow is expected to accomplish these goals:

  • Successful completion of an MPH degree focusing on environmental pediatrics
  • Authorship of at least 1-2 publishable manuscripts based on original research
  • Authorship of at least 2-3 posters for presentation at regional or national meetings
  • Development of a K08, R01 or equivalent grant proposal

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