The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has received international recognition for producing groundbreaking clinical and basic science research. The National Institutes of Health has awarded Mount Sinai more than $311 million in grants. Consistent with the institutional mission to advance medical science, Department of Surgery fosters academic excellence and advancement by continually pursuing a variety of research projects. Surgical residents are very productive and prolific in their research efforts, publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals across multiple disciplines and presenting their work at numerous national meetings.

In conjunction with the institute’s strong commitment to clinical research, the Leon and Norma Hess Center for Science and Medicine contains half a million additional square feet of designated research and clinical facilities to the existing campus, including six floors of laboratory space and two floors of outpatient clinical space, housing the majority of the institution’s cancer-related research and patient clinics, as well as a multitude of advanced imaging technologies, including the Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute.

Residents who want to participate in research projects must request faculty approval. If accepted, they can take up to a two-year hiatus for research. Interested residents should contact Celia M. Divino, MD, Director of the General Surgery Residency Program.